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Whether it is an entire apartment complex or a single room solution. We customise our technology solutions to your exact requirements.

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Though we are based in Nelson, NZ, we still provide nationwide coverage
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Home Technology Professional

Before you invest in your new technology talk to us to ensure you are getting the right gear
Whether you are having issues getting your Home Entertainment system working correctly, or your WiFi is playing up, we can assist with most technology based issues.

What is Integration all about?

Integrate; - to make or be made complete or together
More than just a smart home, an integrated home allows owners to control their home, not the other way around. The idea of a “future home” has been around for years, just look back at an episode of The Jetsons. Okay, so we aren’t quite there yet but we have come a long way. As we add more systems to our homes we need a way to make the most of them. Homes these days can have many independent systems, some are essential others go unnoticed or forgotten. How many of these systems have you considered for your home?

Products and more.

EASE Wall Panel Gira
Technophobe or Transitionary?
Ease of use is an important facet of any installation. Our systems are designed around you from the ground up, not built from a template.
From Tip to Toe.
From core electrical to TV aerial connection, EASE can take care of all your electrical and electronic needs and wants, without compromising skill or quality.

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    --, EASE did a great job, Nic listened to what we wanted, the result does it all and more, Awesome, - Lance, Auckland