Home Control

Not just for the rich and famous.
Imagine lighting that can be controlled from a touch screen or keypad, or even a handheld remote control, enabling you to create a different atmosphere to suit every occasion at the touch of a button. Lighting control can transform the inside of a home by creating distinct moods to complement the decor. A typical example of this is within a home cinema, controlling lighting from the comfort of your chair. The lighting control can integrated with the projector, projector screen, amplifier, BluRay and curtains which can all be controlled from a handheld remote control.

Reliable Wi-Fi and Networking

Solutions for all those low signals, ensure coverage indoor and outside.
Nowdays Wi-Fi is a critical service in the home and office, make sure your coverage is strong enough and free from any interference. We can test your existing install using specialized and offer a range of products to ensure all those hard to reach corners or rooms don't go without service.

Multi Room Audio

A new house isn't complete without it.
Now you have that great collection of music it's time to use it! Whether it is on the cloud, your iPod, or even CD or vinyl, we can provide a solution that will allow you to get music to every corner of your home. Maybe it is in the bathroom or out on the entertaining deck, or how about in the workshop? MRA - You'll wonder how you every got by without it.

Home Theatre

Enjoy better quality audio and video than the big theatres can give you.
As home cinema systems are becoming ever more popular and product technology advances, then the range of solutions has become increasingly more vast and in some instances, confusing to customers. Because we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we are free to design, specify and install a solution that complements your home and fulfils all your requirements. We are free to give impartial advice on an extensive range of products ensuring you get the very best quality solution.


Peace of mind wherever you are in the world.
Active security systems and monitoring is becoming more commonplace with new installations. Your home can have the ability to notify you when an alarm is triggered. You can then log on and check the status of the system as well as view webcams. Digital video recorders allow you to record events for playback at a later time.

Distributed HD Video

It doesn't have to look like this!
Once upon a time, running a cable from the aerial and looping it from a point in the lounge to the bedroom was considered to be "distribution". Now, with more TVs, High Definition and HDMI it's a different game. Not more complex, it's just a matter of making sure you have the right infrastructure in place. Share one Blu-ray player, satellite decoder or game console throughout the home. A mess like this is now avoidable.

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